Health Care

Health Care


Contagious diseases are increasingly causing threat to public health due to inflation in population and advancement in travel and transportation. There has been a significant rise in new contagious diseases outbreaks along with already existing contagious diseases. They originate from non-human sources and later spread through human-to-human contact.

Technology can play a vital role in controlling spreading of these deceases.

Asimov Robotics is committed to provide effective care even during the outbreak of a serious infectious diseases like Covid19 using Robotics and AI. SAYABOT is a humanoid robot platform developed by Asimov Robotics capable of addressing such requirements

Personal Hygiene - Creating awareness among public

  • Awareness can be spread through AI based applications, smart-ads and intelligent robots deployed in public places.
  • SAYABOT can constantly make individuals aware of the importance of personal hygiene. They can also demonstrate common practices one has to follow in maintaining personal hygiene.

Health Security

  • Robots or Intelligent systems can be installed in work-place and public places to ensure that people are following the guidelines of authorities during pandemic.
  • Visitor Screening: SAYABOT deployed at the entrance of a workplace can ensure the body temperature of the visitor is at safe limit. In case of high temperature and any Covid related symptoms, they will be advised to consult doctor and the report will be sent to authorities.
  • Ensure the Use of Masks: Using machine vision SAYABOT installed in public places can detect the presence of mask on human faces and make sure that it is properly worn.
  • Sanitizing hands : The robot will spray sanitizer to visitors' hands as they place it under robot's palm.
  • Social distancing : An industrial grade camera along with vision processing in public places will be enough to ensure that social distancing is practiced.

Care Giving

  • Direct consultation, caregiving and nursing has become highly challenging while doctors, nurses & healthcare workers, are unable to provide needed care without the risk of getting infected by the quarantined patients.
  • ASIMOV Robotics has came-up with newly designed robotic platform, KARMI-Bot to support the health workers from getting infected inside the quarantine zone. KARMI-Bot is a very practical and capable of autonomously navigating inside the isolation ward to transport and dispense food and medical supplies for patients under care. The robot can engage the patients as well as initiate telemedicine call between patients and the human caregiver from a remote location. They are capable of disinfecting the used items during the return journey to home station.