Our Products

ASIMOV Robotics has came-up with newly designed robotic platform, KARMI-Bot to support the health workers from getting infected inside the quarantine zone.

About KARMI BOT Concept

KARMI-Bot is a very practical and capable of autonomously navigating inside the isolation ward to transport and dispense food and medical supplies for patients under care. The robot can engage the patients as well as initiate video conferencing between patients and the human caregiver from a remote location. They are capable of disinfecting the used items during the return journey to home station.

Product Variants


KARMI- Clean is a variant of KARMI-Bot designed to perform large area disinfection using powerful UV light. The robot is able to navigate autonomously in the infected area based to the preferences set by the user through mobile application. The duty time and cleaning modes can
be pre-scheduled .
KARMI-Clean is cost effective and light weight, easy to handle and easy to transport.
Remote monitoring facility allows the operator to watch the robot in duty through live streaming from safe place.
KARMI-Clean uses advanced algorithm to avoid accidental risk during human intervention.

Key Features


  • Autonomous dispensing of food and medical supplies inside isolation ward.
  • Cost effective and light weight. Easy to handle, you can transport it in a hatchback.
  • Heavy payload up to 20 Kgs.
  • Quick transportation up to 1m/Sec.
  • Autonomous and remote control.
  • Video streaming and video conferencing
  • Detachable container with UV self-disinfection facility of used items between visits (Optional)
  • Disinfection with electrostatic sprays (Optional).
  • Self-charging (Optional)


  • Fully autonomous navigation and disinfection of large area.
  • Dimensions: L x W x H 720 cm x720 cm x 80 cm
  • 2+1 Wheel Differential drive with shortest turning radius.
  • Base Speed up to 1.0m/s
  • Mobile App based configuration and scheduling
  • Remote monitoring and statistics.
  • Coverage 300 Sq feet in 20 minutes .
  • Charging time: 2 Hrs.
  • Discharge time: 6 Hrs.
  • Self-Charging (optional)