Research & Development

Research & Development

Robotics research market were at $500 million in 2010 and is anticipated to reach $60 billion by 2020. Contributing to this advancement, ASIMOV Robotics is committed to provide reliable and sophisticated hardware and software modules to leverage robotics for research.


Space exploration is always challenging and exciting as it fulfils human curiosity in conquering new worlds. Robotics has been playing an important role in making the human dream come true. Major missions in the recent past have been immensely benefited by robotics and AI. ASIMOV robotics is committed to provide robotic systems and solutions for various government and private agencies to conduct space exploration.

Cranio Bot

Craniofacial surgery is a surgical sub-speciality of Plastic Surgery that involves rearrangement of skull and facial bones in order to address facial deformities. Currently, this surgery is performed through extensive scalp and intra-oral incisions needing bone exposure for osteotomies, jointly performed by Plastic Surgeons and Neurosurgeons. For this reason, ASIMOV has put forward a new concept where in the cutter unit is made minimally invasive and it is externally guided with the help of a 6DOF robot arm through magnetic coupling

Service Robots

Service Robots are primarily used to replace or support human beings. So it is inevitable for the solutions developed to be intelligent and autonomous. Addressing the dynamics and uncertainty of the day today environment and act appropriately is not a simple task to be done using robots. Our many years of working with the industry and R&D work in this area helped ASIMOV Robotics to come-up with world-class solutions to problems which humans face on a day to day basis in hazardous, unsafe, inefficient, repetitive scenarios.


More than 25,000 robotic systems were deployed in ground and aerial systems in Iraq and Afghanistan. Dual use opportunities are tremendous as the FAA opens civilian airspace to these types of robotic devices. In a decade, airfreight may be transported coast-to-coast or transoceanic by remotely piloted aircrafts.


Medical Robotic Systems Market includes Surgical Robots, Non/Minimally Invasive surgery Robotic Systems, Prosthetics and Exoskeletons, Healthcare robots which offer a smart and cost-effective solution for assistance and rehabilitation procedures for patients, Non-Medical Robotics which includes Robotic Bed-Side monitoring and Emergency Response robotic systems. ASIMOV Robotics has a specific focus on medical and healthcare application of robotics supported by experts from the country's largest medical institutions

Cool Arm Manipulator

ASIMoVís manipulators(CooL Arm) are known for its modular approach of assembling and delivering the customer specific solutions at lightening speed.Our COOL ARM manipulators are standard humanoid configurations. Humanoid robot arms offer exciting advantages for robotic tasks. With many degrees of freedom, they are able to reach around obstacles, reconfigure for strength, improve accuracy, and manipulate objects with dexterous, fluid motion. Additionally, our manipulators have the smallest foot print and largest payload to self weight ration in this category.